Apr 4th 2009

Johannes Unger has been appointed organist of St. Mary's Church Lübeck.


Aug 7th 2008

Johannes Unger played at Notre Dame, Paris at august 3rd.
In August he will give concerts in Finnland and at the Frauenkirche Dresden. This concert together with orchestra and the choir of the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk will be live at radiostations in europe.


Mar 1st 2005

»Johannes Unger's immaculate and virtuoso playing of music by Karg-Elert, Neuhoff and Reger is heard on the 1908 three-manual Sauer organ of the Thomaskirche, Leipzig on Priory's Great European Organs No. 62. Unger's performances of two of Regers large-scale chorale fantasias are so well-controlled, full of clarity and late-Romantic character that they should be regarded as benchmark interpretations« (The Gramophone 02/2005, Christopher Nickol)


Jan 18th 2004

»Great European Organs No. 62 - Johannes Unger plays the Sauer organ of St Thomas church Leipzig« now released!


coming soon:

Jul 1st, 7 pm
Eröffnung des Lübecker Orgelsommers 2016
St. Jakobi Lübeck
Werke von Max Reger
gemeinsam mit den Organisten der Lübecker Innenstadt

Jul 2nd, 8 pm
Chor-und Orgelkonzert
St. Marien Lübeck
im Rahmen des Jubiläums
»45 Jahre Nagelkreuz-Zentrum Lübeck«
Lübecker Knabenkantorei
Gastensemble: N.N.

Jul 8th, 7 pm
Lübecker Abendmusik
St. Marien Lübeck
im Rahmen des Lübecker Orgelsommers

Jul 21st, 7 pm
Lübecker Abendmusik
St. Marien Lübeck
mit Ensemble Marien Brass
im Rahmen des Lübecker Orgelsommers

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